In this article, we will see how to install Visual Studio with Xamarin including all the Android SDKs where we can develop cross platform apps (iOS, Android, Windows) using Xamarin.Forms at once.

Step 1:

Go to Visual Studio site and download Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition which is free.

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (4).png

Step 2:

Run the installer and you will see the options window. Select Cross Platform Mobile Development also and click next to install all the required components.

Note: Alternatively, you can download the ISO file of Visual Studio and install it.

D:\Screenshot (453).png

D:\Screenshot (454).png

D:\Screenshot (455).png

Step 3:

It will take much time to install all the components depending on the internet speed.

When you finish installing it. You may be required to restart your computer.

Step 4:

Now go to and create an account. We need to login in Visual Studio with a Xamarin Account.

Open Visual Studio, Go to Tools > Xamarin Account and Login with your Xamarin Account.

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (5).png

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (6).png

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (7).png

Step 5:

Create a project in Visual Studio. Go to File > New Project > Visual C# > Cross Platform > Blank App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (8).png

Step 6:

Build the project. At the first time, it will take some more time to build the project since it downloads android repositories while building the project which is about 200 MB zip file.

These zip files are located in C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Xamarin\zips.

So keep patience while building the project at the first time.

When the repositories are successfully downloaded then only you will not get any errors and you can build and finally run your project.


When you get some errors related to android, this is due to the old Android APIs. So you need to install latest APIs from the Android SDK manager.

For this Open the SDK Manager and install the latest APIs. This will solve the problems related to Android APIs.

I also had faced so many problems and errors so I updated the SDK tools and installed latest Android 6.0 (API 23) and all my errors went away.

C:\Users\Kishor Bikram Oli\Desktop\Blogs\Installation\Screenshot (9).png

You can follow up my articles to get started with Xamarin Mobile Development.

That’s it.

Thanks, Happy Coding!

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